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If you are here, you must be a business owner or manager. Well, just like you, we know one of the first things every venture needs: reliable physical or electronic security.

Unless your office building makes money from being a sanctuary to all and sundry all the time, that place needs to be locked upright and efficiently.

No matter what you sell, protecting your physical assets, employees and the general base of your enterprise is paramount.

To get your installed security working superbly, you need a professional commercial locksmith service provider. Emerald Locksmith has a 6chest full of experience and requisite tools to make your building an impregnable place.

Access Control Units

As the world continues to go digital, some businesses are switching to electronic security systems. An access control unit is a keyless and contactless way of controlling who goes in and comes out of your premises, in a particularly easy way.

With an access control system, you will be able to secure your building more and not have to drag around a box of keys to do it. If your building has too many doors—hence too many keys—going electronic is a way you can ditch the extra load.

We install, maintain, repair, and replace access control systems for a wide range of businesses. Irrespective of the size of your building and the design level of the systems, our commercial locksmiths are always up to the task. With the best tools in hand, they will make sure your control unit gives you the right bang for your buck. Our locksmiths are conversant with every model and set-up in the market.

High-Security Locks

Do you run or manage a warehouse, factory, mill, or gymnasium? If you do, you’d agree that using the same regular locks might not just cut it for the security of your goods, equipment, and other assets.

Even for a residence, some traditional lock-up systems might be inefficient given the design, size, and high-end-ness of the property. In such cases, high-security locks are the next best option. Emerald Locksmith shares the vision with homeowners and business managers that want to upgrade their physical security. Thankfully, there is a wide range of this lock grade in the market, and our locksmiths know their way around each of them. They can install, maintain, repair, upgrade or replace high-end locks to make sure your home or business is more fortified.

Locks Maintenance

If the lock-up system of your business holds strongly, you need to make sure it stays that way. Rather than leaving it to chance—which can be a very costly mistake—arrange for routine maintenance to make sure the system remains sturdy.

It needs to be such that anytime a break-in is attempted, it will be drastically unsuccessful. Keeping your lock-up set-up in pristine condition is one of the reasons we are around.

Emerald Locksmith has been maintaining and servicing physical and electronic security systems for commercial business establishments in the past several years.

We have experience in all the niche areas and are frequently updated with the developments in the industry. We tap from a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide value to your business.

We are ready to go commercial any time, any day. Emerald Locksmith is eager to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Lockcmith

As an alternative to standard devices, which can be broken in several ways, reputable lock shops can offer high-security locks. There are many “locksmiths” out there, though, who will advertise that they can install a high-security lock while charging their client a lot of money for nothing and replacing subpar hardware with worse devices.

High-security locks are difficult to pick, bump, or drill. Most people are unaware of how frequently these threats occur because anyone can purchase a key online that can be used to bump lock pins.


MD Locksmith 4 You is one of the high-security lock companies with the best reputations. If a different lock is suggested, research it online to make sure it is everything it is asserted to be.

The majority of the time, you can enter a building without changing the lock. When carried out by a skilled Locksmith, most locks, including uPVC and wooden locks, can be bypassed with relative ease using picking or other non-destructive entry techniques.

As experts with both uPVC and wooden locks and mechanisms, our locksmiths at MD Locksmith 4 You will always prioritize non-destructive entry techniques to assist you in gaining access to your property. They can easily bypass locks to get you in as quickly as possible. The circumstances surrounding the lockout and the lock itself will determine whether it is necessary to replace the lock in some rare instances.

Yes, a key’s type does matter a lot when attempting to duplicate a broken key. When it comes to copying, some keys have limitations.


For instance, the ability to duplicate house keys with patented or registered keyways is limited to licensed and skilled locksmiths.

Broken keys can be copied, but since the key is a replica of what can be copied, you must consider how severely damaged it is.


A licensed locksmith would measure the key’s cuts and cut the key appropriately. You receive a new key that is precisely cut to the lock manufacturer’s specifications as a result. A good locksmith should be able to accomplish this fairly quickly. Cheap and imported locks, however, can be worrisome. With these locks, the manufacturer may not be able to provide the original specifications of the area and depth of the key cuts. The locksmith will need to assess the key’s condition and determine whether it is suitable for duplication in this case.