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Locksmith 4 You is a well-known Maryland based intercom system installer and security company. We specialize in setting up audio/video intercom systems from the most reputable manufacturers in the world. We are pleased to offer you our support as we recognize the necessity to increase the security of your home or place of employment.

Our top-notch intercom solutions are an effective way to improve security and visitor identification at your facility, whether performing a system upgrade, replacing an existing system, or installing a completely new system. They range from residential intercom systems for apartment buildings to commercial intercom systems for offices, businesses, schools, hospitals, and more.

Offering a wide variety of Intercom Systems

  • Audio/Video Intercom Systems
  • Intercom systems can are wired or wireless (IP-based).
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Doorbell buzzer systems
  • Intercom system from room to room
  • Intercom in the office
  • Broadcast Intercom


We value your decision to work with us and are dedicated to giving you the best installation and repair services for intercom systems. Intending to exceed your expectations, our organization has sent one of our highly skilled intercom technicians to your location.

Your intercom installation and repair will be much simpler with the help of Locksmith 4 your specialized services.

Video Intercom Systems are the most popular option.

There is no better way to increase convenience and safety at your front door or gate for your house or commercial property than with a video intercom system. Without even approaching the front door, you’ll be able to see and hear who is there. These days, intercoms with video offer remote capabilities, so you don’t even need to be at home to see who is at your door.

The most modern capabilities, like color images, video memory, and pan, tilt, and zoom views, are included with your custom-designed video intercom systems. Furthermore, a lot of the cutting-edge systems available today integrate with apps for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Intercom systems: Wired vs. Wireless

You’ve decided to install an intercom system in your house or place of business. Now is the moment to choose a system. Although there are a few distinct kinds of intercom systems, the choice ultimately comes down to wireless or wired. Both have their own pros and drawbacks. It is up to you to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each system before choosing because every company and house is different.


The greatest option for security is wired systems. It is difficult for anyone to compromise the system because each hub is connected to the next. Wireless intercom systems rely on networks for communication, which could be compromised.


Wired intercom systems are frequently more dependable than wireless intercoms since each intercom speaker is physically connected to the others. They don’t rely on networks, thus all they need to function is a consistent power source. Your wireless intercoms will stop functioning each time your internet goes down. You won’t have any access to your intercoms while you’re away from the office until you manually restart your router.

Accessibility on mobile devices

Given their reliance on networks, wireless systems can appear to be more mobile-friendly, but there isn’t much of a difference. Remote control functionality is available for both wired and wireless intercom systems. It only counts if your intercom’s master station can access the internet or if it makes use of a mobile app.

Ease of installation

There is no competition when it comes to installation simplicity. The majority of the time, wireless systems don’t require a professional installer and are far simpler to install. The majority of wireless systems may be used right out of the box and in a short amount of time. Since they don’t require cables, all you need to do to use them is supply them with power and link them to your network.

Telephone entry system

An electronic gadget called a telephone entry system allows building occupants and their guests to communicate and gain access to the building’s property. A telephone entry system uses a phone line to work, as the name would imply. To grant access to tenants, visitors, and delivery personnel, telephone entry systems are frequently installed at doors or gates.

Door buzzer system

A type of building entry device called a door buzzer allows visitors to ask tenants for permission to access the premises. Access is controlled by door buzzer entry systems at doors and gates in residences, workplaces, commercial buildings, and other types of structures.

For Better Intercom Installation and Services in Maryland

Locksmith 4 You is a competent and reputable company that offers complete intercom system solutions and services, guaranteed to match your needs, from design to installation to support, repair, and maintenance.

Our full range of services includes:

  • On-Site Assessment: We can plan the most appropriate and cost-effective intercom system for your residential building, office building, or commercial facility by comprehending your existing needs, future obstacles, and scalability objectives.
  • Custom Design: To create an intercom system that is as efficient as possible for your facility, our skilled engineering team will build the system architectural idea and estimate.
  • Quality Installation: Our skilled installation crew will guarantee a high-quality, discrete installation that is completed on time and within budget.
  • Maintenance and Repair: To guarantee that your system continues to operate correctly for many years, we provide skilled maintenance, repair, and on-call support.

Why Choose Locksmith 4 you?

  • Fast, same-day service – We have a quick response team of technicians to provide same-day services and handle customer service requirements effectively.
  • Reliable – Before beginning our service, we perform a comprehensive inspection to best assure that it is accurate. As a result, you may rely completely on us and the results of our services.
  • Experienced – Our highly trained and experienced team of technicians will go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with our service by offering the greatest advice, support, and technical services.


For more information about our comprehensive installation, upgrade, and repair services for office, company, and apartment building intercom systems get in touch with us or contact us right now to learn more about our integrated office, commercial, and apartment building intercom systems services in the Maryland area.