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One of the most important aspects of your life is where you live. Your house goes a long way to determine your lifestyle. But things would be off to an awful start if that house’s physical or electronic security is not the way it should be.

When it comes to protecting your residence from the inside out, the first consideration is the type of keys and locks you have installed on the property. The second most important thing is the kind of locksmith agency you are working with. Locksmith 4 You is your trustee residential locksmith, the one security services provider you can always bank on. Our locksmiths will take care of your locks, keys, and everything in between in the most efficient way possible.

Locks Installation

When you buy or move into a new home, it is always wise to change the locks before passing the first night there. It’s not because you do not trust the leasing company or that your landlord seems like one that’s always up to mischief.

Unless you are okay with feeling every once in a while that there’s a key somewhere that can open your house, your new apartment is better off with a new set of keys. Locksmith 4 You will install new locks across your new space and personalize the system to ensure that access is exclusive to you.

Whether or not it is a new property, we can help you source the best products in the market and install them the right way. We apply the most standard affixing methods and employ the best tools available. With minimal fuss, your new lock-up will be completely set up.

Locks Replacement & Rekeying

Do you think your lock-up has lost its integrity over the past 5 years? Maintenance or no maintenance, all locks eventually reach the end of the line. When you feel like those locks are starting to let go, getting a complete replacement is the next best action you can take.

But to get this right, you need the experience and technical know-how of an expert from Locksmith 4 You. Our locksmiths can replace or rekey any kind of locks, as they keep tabs on all the models in the market. At an affordable price and in a non-damaging fashion, they will install those new locks or rekey the existing ones.

Keep in mind that “locks replacement” differs from “rekeying”. While the former does not need an introduction, the latter involves simply changing the cylinders to accept new keys. That means when you rekey your locks, you are modifying them to accept a new set of keys and reject the older ones. It is also a less costly way to personalize your home’s physical security.

Work With Us

We can help you during house lockouts and draw up a great plan for routines maintenance of your lock-up. We are not only reliable but also committed to exceeding your expectations. Let us make your home more secure from the inside out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Locksmith

When you leave your old house, you shouldn’t change the locks because the new owner should take care of this. When you move into your new home, you should change the locks, and this should be a top priority!

You are unaware of the number of keys that are available for the old locks or the owners of those keys. Estate agents frequently hang their duplicate keys from key chains that are imprinted with the property’s address.

The benefit outweighs the small cost. Your insurance company wouldn’t cover a burglary committed by someone using a key after you moved into a new home.

Additionally, even though your new home will contain many of your valuables, conveniently boxed and marked, it won’t always be occupied while you’re moving your belongings in. Make it your top priority when moving to avoid being exposed.

To become a professional locksmith, one must complete extensive training and education. Some people are trained to handle vehicle locks, while others are adept at opening doors. As they gain experience in the trade, the majority of locksmiths can eventually manage both. Professionals who can help with door or vehicle locks are available at a locksmith shop.

People typically take a bigger risk when dealing with individuals than they do with professionals connected to a business. If a neighborhood store, meaning a real brick-and-mortar location, wants to stay in business, they typically have a reputation to uphold. If they first let their neighbors down, they stand to lose a lot more. False names, addresses, and phone numbers may be provided by individuals to con others so they can exploit others without suffering the negative consequences.

A licensed, reputable locksmith should treat each client with the utmost openness. They should carry a pocket card showing their affiliation with a nearby store and that they have passed regulatory agency inspection. Without this card, it is illegal to offer locksmith services.


A licensed locksmith should be prepared to offer an itemized bill after service. The name and address of the company as well as a list of all fees and part replacement costs should be included in this invoice.

Finding a reliable locksmith is similar to finding any other reliable professional, but the stakes are higher. A reliable locksmith is a great source of security solutions and recommendations. A bad locksmith is a big liability.